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The Hayman's Kitchen Take away Pizza Menu

                                        The Hayman’s Kitchen Sourdough Pizza Menu 😃 Please feel free to give me a ring or WhatsApp or text to save a slot for Friday or Saturday night and then you can order nearer the time.  It isn't necessary but it guarantees your spot. The number is 07999025976  We are open 4pm-10pm.  All Pizza’s are 12 inches and made with a Shipton Mill flour sourdough base. I have designed each pizza myself for maximum taste and I only use the finest quality toppings.  The Old Blue Goat  12.50 Blue goat’s cheese with chorizo caramelised onions, roasted red pepper and rocket with a rich tomato sauce. (you can also have it without chorizo) The pickled Walnut 3 cheese  12.50 vegetarian –(great with wine) Toasted walnuts with pickled walnuts, blue cheese, vintage cheddar, mozzarella and tiny dots of prunes. Roasted Pear, Pine Nut and Bacon-12.50 Roasted Lemoned pear with creamy stilton, smoked bacon, mozzarella, pine nuts and a hint of honey. (fab wit

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